About Smart Classroom Management

photo of Michael LinsinHi! I’m Michael Linsin, the founder of Smart Classroom Management.

Here at SCM, we believe in two principles thought by many to be on contradictory ends of the classroom management spectrum.

On one side we believe in faithfully following a classroom management plan.

This allows you to hold students accountable without yelling, scolding, lecturing, or using any other stressful or hurtful method.

On the other side we believe in creating a classroom that students love being part of, that they’re excited to come to every day.

This combination of strength and joy holds the key to effective classroom management.

Week after week, using simple strategies and techniques, we’ll show you exactly how to use these principles to get your students to want to behave.

We’ll show you how to influence them and inspire them and how to tap into their intrinsic motivation.

We’ll show you how to make teaching more fun and less stressful. And most important, we’ll show you how to create the teaching experience you really want.

My promise to you is that if you put the advice you learn from our weekly articles into practice, you will transform your classroom.

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Welcome! I hope you’ll join us.


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