How To Teach At A Rewards-Focused School

Smart Classroom Management: How To Teach At A Rewards-Focused School

If you’re a regular reader of SCM, then you know how I feel about rewarding students in exchange for good (i.e. expected) behavior. A do-this-and-get-that approach to classroom management is damaging to kids. It snuffs out intrinsic motivation and turns the student-teacher relationship into a cold-hearted transaction. It also makes managing your classroom far more … Read more

How To Praise With Power

Praise With Power

A teacher walks wordlessly with one of her most challenging students. They’re on the playground and it’s recess time. Some distance away the rest of the class laughs and plays and loses themselves in games of tetherball and foursquare. From a distance you might assume that the teacher has pulled the student aside to lecture … Read more

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