The Smart Classroom Management Plan For High School Teachers

Smart Classroom Management: The Smart Classroom Management Plan For High School Teachers

In this day and age, at the high school level, conventional rules and consequences aren’t enough—especially if you teach at a school with poor administrative support.

You need something more. You need something that gives you leverage from within, that you control. You also need something that actually matters to your students, something that will keep them on task and accountable every minute of the period.

The Smart Classroom Management Plan For High School Teachers will provide this for you no matter where you teach, what subject you teach, or how long you’ve been teaching.

It’s important to point out that because every school and teaching situation is unique, the plan allows for maximum flexibility. You won’t find any hard and fast guidelines. Instead, you’ll find a simple approach you can modify to suit your needs.

You’ll also discover that the plan is more than just a way to improve behavior. It will also result in increased focus, better academic performance, and higher overall achievement. It will settle and calm an excitable class, give you an objective way to assess daily effort, and empower you to build influential relationships with your students. In short, it will help you be a more effective teacher.

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Does it work for all subjects?

Yes, the plan is effective regardless of your subject area.

How much prep is needed to put the plan into action?

There is very little prep involved.

I work at a tough school. Will the plan work for me?

We believe that it will give you the very best opportunity to have the happy, well-behaved classes you want.

Is time-out part of the plan?

No, time-out is not part of the plan.

Does the plan work for middle school?

We recommend it for all 8th grade classrooms and, depending on your school and the maturity of your students, most 7th grade classrooms. 6th grade teachers are better off using The Smart Classroom Management Plan for Elementary Teachers.

Is it a full-length book?

No, the plan is an 18-page e-guide that can be read in one sitting.

Do I need to create a PayPal account to purchase?

No, just click “Pay with Debit or Credit Card.”

How do I download the plan?

Upon purchase, we’ll immediately email you a link.

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